“Teaming” has now become a core concept in organizations; every group is now a team and everyone values better teamwork. Improvement within teams often focuses on interpersonal dynamics, resolving conflicts, managing differences and coming to consensus.

An agile team has the capability and processes in place to resolve these types of situations. Agile team members also know how to build and leverage the diverse abilities of the team across a variety of situations. InnoVision can support your organization with the following services to help your teams become more agile.





Team Training Workshops
Design and delivery of team-building sessions, launch meetings, conflict management, pre-post merger integration and other team-based programs. InnoVision’s suite of Organization Development tools and processes address the entire life-cycle of team dynamics and performance-related issues. Examples include:

  • Managing Similarities and Differences
  • Managing People through Transition
  • Managing Team Performance in Change
  • Retaining Key Talent


Executive retreats (strategy/ teambuilding)
Offsite events design and facilitation to support organization strategy development and increase positive team dynamics. Resources also include promotional materials that can be tailored to the event.