Live according to your preferred, personal life balance. Different people seek different balances between their work and personal life.


Too often people are challenged by trying to do it all because they have not thought through what is most important to them. Use your personal values and life goals to better focus your time and energy. You can build improved personal resilience through self discovery, finding the right set of strategies and building personal capability.


Work/Life Focus
Workshops that helps individuals identify personal preferences and challenges to finding the right balance for themselves. Discussion and exercises guide self-discovery and provide strategies for effectively managing stress and create better approaches for the right balance between personal and work-related goals.

Coaching and Feedback Skills

Workshop to enhance personal skill in providing behaviorally-based feedback and coaching for performance improvement, skill-building and self awareness. Executive coaching for individuals is also available.

Behavioral Event Interviews

Workshop design and facilitation to develop interviewer capability in identifying evidence for key competency areas.

Executive Coaching

Individualized coaching engagements designed to focus on developing specific skills, addressing performance issues on the job or broader changes in the leader’s behavior. Each client’s needs are different, therefore the coaching approach is uniquely tailored to the client organization and the leader.